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#58 - Smoking in the car. NFL terminology crisis. Missing the trashcan. Getting fast food orders wrong.

Stop smoking in the car with your kids! What are they saying? Keep our streets clean! This should be a simple request.

#57 - The lack of reception for Vietnam vets. The Court of Appeals and the process/loophole of justice. Mason Rudolf.

Those boys deserved better!! Something must be done to change the madness. He should be suspended at least 1 game for instigating!.

#56 - Face Tattoos. Bullying. Ohio’s Death row Reprieves? Christmas in November??

Not sure how you get there? No more room for bullies. Mike DeWine and his cruel and unusual ways avoiding punishment. Why do we let Christmas start so early?

#55 - Hand shaking 101. Consequences for accusations. 2019 MLB wrap up and World Series predictions.

There is a correct way and a wrong way to shake hands! If your going to falsely accuse, there should be a penalty for it. Who do you think will take home the MLB championship trophy in 2019?

#54 - 24 hours left on earth….what do you do? Get off my bandwagon! Mental health checks.

Would you party, be with family or get revenge? Pick a team and support them! Checks for students should be mandatory.

#53 - What pisses you off the most? Impeaching the POTUS? Gallows Pole Update.

We find our #1. Just another waste of time? Execution stats since 1976.

#52 - The Confederate flag, Phones in bra’s, Mobile speed limit machines and Weird people we’ve meet in the world.

Why do they still sell this stuff? Sometimes you can't take the trailer park out of the girl! Is this laziness or just under staffing? You can't fix stupid.

#51 - Freestyle Harping

Just some of the stupid shit that people still do. How do these morons survive on the daily?

#50 - Misconceptions, NFL Pre-Season wagers and predictions.

Popular and not so popular. Thoughts about NFL Pre-Season and AFC & NFC North Divisions.

#49 - The American Dream, Shit that goes wrong when your trying to have fun.

Why do most of us all want the same thing? What could go wrong during vacations, events or get togethers?