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#9 - Annoying co-workers and our views on the last 10 Presidential Elections results.

Love them or hate them we are stuck with them. We will let you know our opinions and who we voted for.

#8 - Drawing the line when spewing venom, Brett Kavanaugh and Sports.

When is running your mouth to much, What should the penalty be for false accusations, Sports thoughts.

#7 - Gun violence and Racism today, is there anything we can do?

Hot button topics that need more conversation and less media.

#6 - Doomsday preppers, Event bucket list, Fall activities, SNL casts.

Doomsday chicken littles, What events are on your bucket list, Fall fun, SNL Greats.

#5 - Referees in sports, iPhone vs Android, Late night talk show hosts.

Controversial sports referees, iPhone vs Android what is your preference? Favorite late night talk show hosts.