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#14 - “Shut up and Deal” Poker in all it’s glory. From epic bluffs to bad beats and our glorious home game.

Find out who our favorite pros are and those we despise. Grab a chair and some chips and
shuffle up!

#13 - Stupid things we did as kids. Enough said!!

From a failed Molotov cocktail to successful works bombs and many more dumb ass things attempted.

#12 - “Sitcom Battle Royale” from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s VS the newer ones.

How do they stack up? Which one is your favorite? We give our thoughts on the greats and the not so greats.

#11 - Prank Calls / Telemarketers, Diaries of Diarrhea, The Holiday takeover, “Hooowahh”, Netflix

Netflix and binging, How we deal with Telemarketers and our best Prank phone calls, Why did Halloween just end and Christmas stuff has been on the shelves for over a week, Count how many times Adam says HooWaah ;) and Diaries of diarrhea...

#10 - UberMom, Dannette our first guest talks about Uber, Disaster relief, Opening a business and running a bar.

Dannette is a very diverse person with a big heart. Listen as we talk about what she has done and still doing to help those less fortunate.

We do apologize for the sound quality on this one, we found out after the fact and decided we can't recreate gold so here we go!!