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#18 - Bad drivers vs bad servers and our best and worst experiences with establishments.

Bad drivers or bad servers who do you hate more? And our take on many experiences with establishments in our area.

#17 - Worst or Best Vacation or Short Trip Stories

What was your worst or best experience away from home?

#16 - Made In China? “Fuck it, or Rethink it” and the balance between. And the College tuition screw job.

Our goods need to be made right here in the USA! "Fuck It" I work hard, I deserve to indulge and the "Shit, I need to rethink this" moments in life. State, fed, mom and dad, loans what is the answer to this tuition mess.

#15 - 30 hour work weeks, The Welfare situation and is Universal Basic Income looming?

Did France get something right? What should the qualifier be for welfare? Will UBI be necessary

in the future?