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#22 - Pain in the ass neighbors and Cult leaders.

Do you have a neighbor that tries to piss you off? Cult leaders, do you have a favorite? Are there cult leaders that hide in sheep's clothing today?

#21 - 21st Birthday Drunk Stories, The Border Wall and the Government Shutdown

We share a few 21st birthday stories from us and friends. Should we build the border wall and how is the government shutdown affecting you?


#20 - New Years Resolutions, Gimmicks and Fads and Online Grocery shopping.

Are you still standing strong two weeks in, or have you thrown in the towel on your New Years Resolution? Why are gimmicks and fads so appealing? Is online grocery shopping the new best time saver for your family in 2019?

#19 - Marijuana legalization, non violent offenders and ESPN+

Will weed ever be legal federally? Should non violent offenders get reduced sentences? Why are we paying extra for something we should already have?