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#26 - More dumb shit in the world, Our most favorite video games and memories!

We HARP about what's bothering us the most! Listen to what we played most and how we played it!

#25 - Closest DUI Moments, Best and Worst concert memories, How long do you want to live?

Wheeewh!! That would have sucked!! Some nights get a little weird. From medicine to healthy habits, how long can we live?

#24 - Mutual Combat, Funniest things you ever did in public or witnessed and Wedding stories.

Did you know 2 people can declare mutual combat and fight? What have you done in public for a laugh. We have all seen some shit at weddings haven’t we?!

#23 - Our Favorite Super Bowl Memories and Greatest sports moments that inspired us!

From the Epic Victories to Halftime Shows and Commercials and a time in sports that was inspiring.