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#40 - Trump, why is he doing so well? Should home schooling be a thing? Breaking Bad…

Why does the media love him so much? Is this cult like behavior? How good was it?

#39 - Stupid inventions, We didn’t need a sequel, Scary movies that freaked your freak.

Can you believe they made millions off that?! Why are we beating a dead horse! Do scary movies still get you?

#38 - If you had 3 wishes? Biggest fears today. Aliens, Ghosts, Bigfoot….do you believe?

What would you wish for? What are your biggest fears in life. Do you believe in any of those myths?

#37 - Comedians, loved and hated! Timeless Comedies and which comedian would you like to work with?

Who are your favorites and which comics do you loath? Is there a comedy that you hold in the highest of regards? If you worked in Hollywood which comedian would you like to work with?

#36 - Dirty restrooms, Mobile device prices and Cutting the cord

Should we be judging establishments by how clean they are? $1000 phones?! How much money are we saving?