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#52 - The Confederate flag, Phones in bra’s, Mobile speed limit machines and Weird people we’ve meet in the world.

Why do they still sell this stuff? Sometimes you can't take the trailer park out of the girl! Is this laziness or just under staffing? You can't fix stupid.

#51 - Freestyle Harping

Just some of the stupid shit that people still do. How do these morons survive on the daily?

#50 - Misconceptions, NFL Pre-Season wagers and predictions.

Popular and not so popular. Thoughts about NFL Pre-Season and AFC & NFC North Divisions.

#49 - The American Dream, Shit that goes wrong when your trying to have fun.

Why do most of us all want the same thing? What could go wrong during vacations, events or get togethers?

#48 - The Gallows - Brandon Samra’s Execution

The crimes and capital punishment surrounding Brandon Samra.

#47 - Motto’s to live by. Sport or not a sport? Robot Umpires!

Which motto's inspire you? Some activities should not qualify as sport! Do we really want robot's in baseball?

#46 - If we had to vote Democrat…?? Trump and North Korea. The Gallows, half episode.

Who would we vote for if this was our only choice? They said he couldn't do it! Update on Marion Wilson and who's next for the sleepy time potion?

#45 - NBA player movement. Betsy Ross shoe. AllStar week in Cleveland!

Are they hurting the league with all these moves? How far will Colin go to get his 15 minutes of fame back? Home-run Derby Predictions!

#44 - Giant companies VS Mom and pop shops, The “NEW” Gallows Pole.

Do you feel helpless with big business? We look at the next 3 inmates to be executed in the US.

#43 - Burning the flag, New skills and Most desired cars of all time.

Should it be a crime? Is there anything you want to learn as you get older in life? What vehicle is on your wish list?