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#46 - If we had to vote Democrat…?? Trump and North Korea. The Gallows, half episode.

Who would we vote for if this was our only choice? They said he couldn't do it! Update on Marion Wilson and who's next for the sleepy time potion?

#45 - NBA player movement. Betsy Ross shoe. AllStar week in Cleveland!

Are they hurting the league with all these moves? How far will Colin go to get his 15 minutes of fame back? Home-run Derby Predictions!

#44 - Giant companies VS Mom and pop shops, The “NEW” Gallows Pole.

Do you feel helpless with big business? We look at the next 3 inmates to be executed in the US.

#43 - Burning the flag, New skills and Most desired cars of all time.

Should it be a crime? Is there anything you want to learn as you get older in life? What vehicle is on your wish list?

#42 - Abortion Laws, does a compromise need to be made?

There needs to be some common ground here, or neither side will ever agree!

#41 - Individual music acts Top 10. Home Improvements. Footwear police.

Who is in your top ten? What home improvement's can you tackle and which do you throw in the towel and call the pro's? Do you collect shoes, how many pairs do you own? 

#40 - Trump, why is he doing so well? Should home schooling be a thing? Breaking Bad…

Why does the media love him so much? Is this cult like behavior? How good was it?

#39 - Stupid inventions, We didn’t need a sequel, Scary movies that freaked your freak.

Can you believe they made millions off that?! Why are we beating a dead horse! Do scary movies still get you?

#38 - If you had 3 wishes? Biggest fears today. Aliens, Ghosts, Bigfoot….do you believe?

What would you wish for? What are your biggest fears in life. Do you believe in any of those myths?

#37 - Comedians, loved and hated! Timeless Comedies and which comedian would you like to work with?

Who are your favorites and which comics do you loath? Is there a comedy that you hold in the highest of regards? If you worked in Hollywood which comedian would you like to work with?