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#36 - Dirty restrooms, Mobile device prices and Cutting the cord

Should we be judging establishments by how clean they are? $1000 phones?! How much money are we saving?

#35 - Privileged college!? Getting to the point and Sex slaves/trafficker’s.

Don't you think the wealthy get enough breaks? Spit it out already! Preying on the weak minded is weak.

#34 - Leisure sports hall of fame. Board games and what sport would you choose??

What leisure sports do we still play and those from a bygone era. What board games or card games trips your trigger? If you could be a Pro Athlete, which sport would you choose?

#33 - With guest AJ Baker

We talk with AJ about everything from CrossFit to Beard Gains to Moving cross country to selecting our superpower and much more!

#32 - Capital punishment, Eye for an eye theory and Our favorite crime shows.

Should we bring back public executions? Would the eye for an eye theory help stop crime? We let you in on our favorite crime shows.

#31 - With guest John Morgan

John Puts his two shot theory to the test. And have parents from his generation have failed? Despite John's slight speech impediment his ideas on fixing our nation and being better parents can't be missed!

#30 - Price Gouging, The Death of Pro Sports Etiquette and Our favorite foods of all time.

How did gouging get so bad, Athletes stop acting like an 8 year old and what would you pick if you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life.

#29 - Fantasy baseball drafting and Ridiculously HUGE sports contracts.

It's that time again!! Who are your top 25 players in FB? And the Biggest Contract BUSTS of all time.

#28 - Home brew and local brew fun. Plus our everyday carry!

Home brew from Lisa and Darrin and a taste from our local WBC! What is in your wallet, pocket, car on the daily.

#27 Manly movies that all real men must see!!

Don't lose your man card! Did we forget any?? Listen and let us know!